Bleeding Icon

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The Bleeding Icon is a Judgement of Khorne that is a common sight in the crimson skies of Khorne’s domain in the Realm of Chaos. It can be summoned to the Mortal Realms to skewer enemies from above.[1]


Khornate priest bellows condemnations of the cowardly and the weak to draw a Bleeding Icon through the veil that separates realities.[1]


After manifesting the Icon glowing red-hot with Khorne’s fury is compelled across the battlefield with supernatural force while coming down to pulverise those beneath it upon its bloodied spikes with the crushing weight of a portcullis. The sight of the Bleeding Icon hovering in the air while shredding gore causes enemies to lose morale.[1]


The first Bleeding Icon was summoned by Lakshar Bloodspeaker, chief Slaughterpriest of the Goretide, in the Scablands.[2a]