Blades of Khorne

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Blades of Khorne
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The Goretide.
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Brayherds
Daemons of Chaos
Daemons of Khorne
Khorne Bloodbound
Monsters of Chaos
Slaves to Darkness
Major characters Karanak
Korghos Khul
Scylla Anfingrimm
Skarr Bloodwrath
Races Bloodletter
Daemon Prince
Dragon Ogor
Mounts Chaos War Mammoth
Daemonic Mount
Vehicles Bloodthrone
Chaos Chariot
Chaos Warshrine
Gorebeast Chariot
Skull Cannon
Tuskgor Chariot
Creatures Chaos Spawn
Flesh Hound
Prayers Blood Blessings of Khorne
Invocations Bleeding Icon
Hexgorger Skull
Wrath Axe
Scenery Skull Altar
Warbands Garrek's Reavers
Magore's Fiends

The Blades of Khorne are the servants of the Blood God. They represent the struggle for survival in which only the strongest may prosper. As the physical incarnation of wrath, slaughter and rage the followers of the Blood God have annihilated countless civilisations.[17c] The skulls they have collected are pilled so high as to be mistaken for mountain ranges and the blood they have spilled mistaken for oceans.[17c]


When the Age of Chaos swept across the Mortal Realms, it was in Aqshy that Khorne turned his attention to the most.[19a]


A Lord of Khorne commands an entire Bloodbound Warhorde and beneath their banners are the Bloodreaver hordes, packs of hulking Skullreapers, and droves of thundering Skullcrushers. But even the most powerful lords rarely hold their followers together for more than a few campaigns. Directly beneath the Lord of Khorne are his Gorechosen, his eight mightiest and most favoured champions. They are the Lord of Khorne’s personal guard and they are also the most likely to bury a serrated axe blade in the back of his skull, so he keeps them close at hand, where their seething ambitions can be observed. A Warhorde is typically divided into eight distinct groups. These are often given their own moniker or named after a notorious leader, such as the Skullhunters or Khallzhak’s Redblades. In smaller armies, these eight formations might each be a single pack, but in larger groups each of the eight is a battle force in its own right . So great is the fury manifested in such a gathering that, when they start reaping their gory tributes, the veil between realms begins to tear. [17b]

When gathered together and not in battle, groups of warriors may sing Arbaal's Lament - a hymn to uncompleted slaughter and skulls that will never be taken. [18a]

Warbands of Khorne

For more information see Bloodbound warband.

Khorne has many blood-blessed legions, both vast and numerous, that leave a destruction in their wake that's sickening to behold.[4] They do not fight for honour wealth or victory, they fight for bloodshed and the favour of their god.[10]

Allied Creatures

  • Khorgoraths:Former mortals whose bodies have been corrupted into hulking beasts with puny minds consumed by rage and destruction.[3]
  • Flesh Hounds: They are beasts capable of tearing a man in half with their fangs and ward off spells and conjurations. They are gifts to Khorne's most bloodthirsty vassals[2] and are usually chained to the armour of the Lords of Khorne.[1]
  • Juggernauts of Khorne: These daemon mounts of Khorne are ridden by Lords of Khorne and Mighty Skullcrushers into battle.[8c][8f]


Blades of Khorne
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