Blacktalon: When Cornered (short story)

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Blacktalon: When Cornered
Blacktalon When Cornered cover.jpg
Author(s) Andy Clark
Released 2018-08-21

Blacktalon: When Cornered (short story) is a short story by Andy Clark.

Cover Description

For many long months has Neave Blacktalon, greatest of Sigmar's Knight-Zephyros, tracked her prey across the Mortal Realms. At last, the sorcerer Xerkanos has been run to ground… yet he has not fallen beneath Blacktalon's twin blades. Captured by a duardin clan whose king he killed, Xerkanos is being transported for trial. But Blacktalon would have her prize – and any conflict between her and the duardin may be moot as dark forces plot to free the sorcerer before the blade can fall…[1]


This story was printed in the following anthologies: