Blacktalon: Hunting Shadows (short story)

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Blacktalon: Hunting Shadows
Blacktalon Hunting Shadows Cover.jpg
Author(s) Andy Clark
Released 2019

Blacktalon: Hunting Shadows (short story) is a short story by Andy Clark.

Cover Description

Neave Blacktalon, greatest of Sigmar's Knights-Zephyros, is used to hunting alone, using her wit and skill to track and end her prey. None escape her celestial fury. Why, then, has she been ordered to join allies for her latest expedition? As she and her new comrades – Knight-Venator Tarion Arlor and a unit of bold Palladors – hunt their shadowy foes, Blacktalon begins to divine a greater plan behind their actions. The hand of the God-King himself is at work…[1]


This story was printed in the following anthologies: