Blacktalon: First Mark (novel)

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Blacktalon: First Mark
Blacktalon First Mark cover.jpg
Author(s) Andy Clark
Cover Artist Vladimir Krisetskiy
Released November 2018
Pages 332
ISBN 978-1-78496-904-2
Preceded by Blacktalon: When Cornered
Followed by Blacktalon (2023)

Blacktalon: First Mark is a novel by Andy Clark and published by Black Library.[1]

Cover Description[1]

In the perilous jungles just north of the great city of Hammerhal Aqsha, Chaos reigns. There, a powerful Tzeentchian wizard grows in disciples and in might as his maledictions leach all that is good from the land. It is Neave Blacktalon, first of Sigmar’s Knights-Zephyros, who must vanquish this foe. Yet the huntress soon realizes that even the glow of the Twin-Tailed City cannot protect her from the darkness. Blighted by terrible visions, she fears that her very spirit has been tainted. Blacktalon must choose whether to abandon her duty in the quest for a cure, or face the fearsome judgement of the Sacrosanct chamber.

This page contains spoilers for: Blacktalon: First Mark (novel)

Blacktalon: First Mark is a novel that describes how, after a reforging, Neave Blacktalon is struck by visions that she does not understand and which she worries may be a sign of corruption. The Shadowhammers, her warrior Chamber are dispatched to the Realm of Ghur to invetigate the mysterious destruction of Fort Vigilance on the Craven Steppes to the north of Excelsis. However she is still plagued by visions and to understand their origin travels to the Realm of Ghyran where she will confront both her true past and an ancient enemy of the Jade Kingdom of Verdantia.