Blackscale Coil

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The Blackscale Coil is an aelven-led criminal syndicate founded in Anvilgard. It played a significant role in the Fall of Anvilgard. Following the establishment of Har Kuron it assumed a more legitimate role in the city's government, though it still is heavily involved in criminal activity in the Searing Sea and along the Charrwind Coast.[1a][2b]


The exact origins of the Blackscale Coil are unclear, but what is known is that Morathi's agents encouraged members of the Darkling Covens, Order Serpentis, and Scourge Privateerss to ally and take control of criminal activity in Anvilgard.[2a][3a]



The leadership of the Blackscale Coil rarely met in person prior to the Fall of Anvilgard, preferring to use sorcerous mistmirrors for communication. The main body of the organization operated in semi-autonomous cells called Coils.[1a]

The Coil was ultimately controlled by a being known as Visharhein in Aelfish or the Sovereign among non-aelves, with the Darkling Sorceress Drusa Kraeth acting as the Sovereign's hand in the city itself - though few members of the Blackscale Coil knew the full extent of Kraeth's authority, only seeing her as a senior member whose influence stemmed mainly from her powerful Coven of the Serpent's Blood.[1a][2a]

Har Kuron

Many of the senior leadership of the Blackscale Coil, Drusa Kraeth included, were elevated to the leadership council of Har Kuron, though they often found themselves with less authority than the city's new Khainite rulers. The lower ranks of the syndicate proceeded much as before, though reduced in numbers along with the city's population - membership in the Coil did not protect most from the Idoneth soul-payment or the blood sacrifices in the arneas that heralded the new regime.[2b]