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Blackjaw was a Lord of Khorne in the early part of the Age of Sigmar.[1]


A large, powerful man dressed in a mouldy coat, itself decorated with bronze bars and frogging, he stood as tall as Hamilcar Bear-Eater with a skull bedecked tricorne hat atop his head. His beard was matted and soaked in dried blood - beneath his coat his chest was bare, showing many scars and crisscrossed with a bandolier of pistols, each chased in brass and boasting steaming unholy sigils.[1]


He was a powerful force in the Stormwilds for five hundred years and in those centuries he flattened the Como duardin underspires, burned the dragon ships of the sea aelves of Tarvain and where a dozen like him had failed, he conquered Indomus. For these deeds and others, Khorne granted him mighty daemon engines to assault the previosuly impregnable stronghold city of Nemisuvik

For about a thousand days, he bombarded and blasted the city, but never closed, much to the frustration of Hamilcar Bear-Eater who had been sent to assit the defenders. However when the Angujakkak was unleashed and began to devour his fleet, Blackjack attempted to flee, only to be confronted by Hamilcar himself aboard his flagship, flung there by a tentacle of the Grey King. [1]


The Stormwilds are my monument to the Blood God, my ocean of skulls. I know not how you have achieved this, but if I am to sink to the Brass Citadel this day then it will be as the anchor about your neck, Bear-Eater.

~Blackjack .[1a]


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