Black Walkers

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The Black Walkers are a sect of mysterious priests who honour and worship dead gods.[1a][1b]


Members of the cult can be found walking the streets of Glymmsforge usually ringing funerary bells, singing dirges, and chanting the names of long-dead deities that can no longer listen. They adorn themselves with robes and heavy hoods made of dark sackcloth, obscuring their features, which bear strange sigils drawn on by chalk. They also wear heavy chains even as they walk the streets of Glymmsforge.[1a][1b]


The Azyrites of Glymmsforge detest these mysterious priests, whereas native Shyishans are often wary of them.[1a]


It is said that the ghosts of dead gods linger in their ruined temples and it is these gods that the Black Walkers venerate, often in secret places.[1a]