Black Marsh Barony

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The Black Marsh Barony is a feudal state found within the vast Black Marsh, some of the southern fenlands of the Realm of Ghur.[1a][3a] It is located a undeterminant distance to the south of the Amber Steppes.[3a]


The Black Marsh Barony boasts a number of settlement built upon the backs of giant turtles. These titanic terrapins roam across extensive marshlands found in southern Ghur.[1a][3a]


According to Zana Mathos good beer and delicious fish-head stew can be bought in the barony.[3a]


The Black Marsh Barony is famous for its Torope Gold, a substance and currency harvested from the excrement of the giant turtles upon which the barony is built. This substance is minted into coins known as Torope-Chaw and traded in the form of small nuggets.[1a][3a]


The Freeguild gun company known as the Leatherbacks hails from the Black Marsh Barony.[2a]


  • Kurchak: A terrestial town found within the barony.[1a]


Known natives of the Black Marsh Barony are hardy and boisterous individuals.[2a]