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Black Eyrie is a Free City in the Realm of Ghur that has struggled to maintain itself within the wild realm.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

In the early days of the Age of Sigmar the building of Black Eyrie was a struggle against the monstrous wildlife of the Realm of Ghur as well as massed forces of Orruks, Dragon Ogors, and Gors. Many of the Temoest Lords stationed in the city died many times in its defense, with some, such as Haldane, dying as many as twenty times to defend the city.[1a]

The city was ravaged by the event known as the Six Days of Night, caused by the Necroquake. In hopes of restoring morale the leaders of the city formed a military force comprised of units from the Black Eyrie Free Republican Guard, Macarazzo's Long-guns, Fitzroy's Fusilers and Ricoh's Light Cavalry Freeguilds as well as elements of the Tempest Lords led by Lord-Celestant Mhodrian. This force was to destroy the Beastmen at Thorn Mile.[1a]

Unfortunately the [[Fitzroy's Fusilers Freeguild betrays the city forces, turning their artillery on their allies during the Battle of Thorn Mile and massacring them. Piter Fitzroy, the commander of the Freeguild, had betrayed the city to the Beastmen, orchestrating a plan to weaken its defenses and allow the Beastmen to invade the city. Though all the Fusiliers except Piter were eaten after the betrayal. In the end the city is warned of the events at Thorn Mile and the treachery thanks to the sacrifice of Haldane, who had himself slain by Mhairi of the Black Eyrie rangers while in a signal tower. The lightning of Haldane's form alighting the signal pyre before arcing back to the Realm of Azyr.[1a]



The arcane currents and subcurrents in the region Black Eyrie is located in have long made magical messaging nearly impossible, while carrier birds and other messenger creatures rarely survive long outside the city. To compensate a network of signal towers was constructed throughout the city's territories.[1a]


Despite the travails it has faced Black Eyrie has grown into a large city with many high spires and a number of markets, though the latter have a reputation for stinking on hot days.[1a]

  • Rimward Tower: Once built to watch over trade paths, ever since the Necroquake the devastation of trade routes has reduced it to merely being a watchtower for the distant Thorn Mile.[1a]

Outer Roads

A number of roads snake out from the city including Comet's Trail and the Old Road. Some of these are masterful artworks covered in mosaics depicting the heroism of Tempest Lords who fought to build the city.[1a]


The Free City of Black Eyrie has a sizeable mortal military force comprised of human, duardin, and aelven members, in addition to a contingent of Tempest Lords. The city boasts a number of Freeguilds including Black Eyrie Free Republican Guard, Macarazzo's Long-guns, and Ricoh's Light Cavalry.[1a]


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