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Black Arks are the fortress-cities of the Scourge Privateers. These serve as the flagships of many Scourge Fleetmasters armadas and as their personal fiefdoms outside of the Free Cities and Sigmar's nations.[1a] These vessels do not actually float on their own and are instead built on top of the shells and hides of oceanic behemoths.[1a][5a] These cities tend to be comprised of many towers and spires.[3a]


A Black Ark serves as the personal fiefdom and demesne of the Fleetmaster that serves as it's commander. Such Aelves rule their cities and crews with autocratic might. However, the hierarchy of the crew of these ships are always in flux and determined by an intricate web of violence, politicking, and games of chance.[1a]


The role of any given member of a Black Ark's crew is determined by a web of scheming, violence, and games of chance. Yet even still most of those corsairs that serve within such crews see the vessels as the center of their lives, and only a scant few are willing to take on duties that require them to work on land for long periods of time.[1a]

Notable Black Arks