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Bestigors are the strongest and meanest of the Gors, being given positions of great power and privilege within the Brayherds. They take the best spoils for themselves after battle, shoving their way close to the Herdstone to bask in its warping glow. [1a]

They are viewed with favour by Beastlords and Bray-Shamans, who use them as bodyguards or give them positions at the forefront of a stampede where they can be the first into combat. However, a Beastlord must always be ever wary of their Bestigors, for inevitably the boldest of these creatures will mount a challenge to usurp their position as alphabeast. [1a]


Bestigors clad themselves in armour ripped from the corpses of their enemies, and wield massive two-handed axes. [1a]


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