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Belleth was a Hag Queen and Medusa of the Khailebron Sect. [1]

This page contains spoilers for: Covens of Blood


When the birth mother of Trisethni gave her to the sect, Belleth guided, raised, trained and even confided in her until finally the two became lovers. [1b]

She led her sisters to Greywater Fastness, staying at the local temple of the Draichi Ganeth sect. [1a]

During their time there, a performance of blade dancing was requested as part of the coming of age of Lord Rygo's son Rygel [1a] which gave Belleth the chance to inspect a book the lord had compiled on Morathi. She read part of it but was interrupted when a drunken guest insulted one of her dancers, Itara and the man was slaughtered on the spot. She departed, saying she would send for the book,[1b] but later Belleth ordered Trisethni to return that night to enact vengeance on both the lord and his son. [1a]

Trisethni reported to the Queen on the completion of her mission, but also that Rygho had tried to exchange the book for his life and that of his son. Concerned about what she knew, Belleth gave Trisethni a task that she might not return from - to travel to the Realm of Ulgu and slay three Daemonettes in the Spyrglass Warrens. [1c]

Belleth took her sisters to Hammerhal Ghyra for the winter where Trisethni found them again having completed her mission, although she had lost her tongue. [1d] She welcomed the wounded assassin with open arms, offering her comfort, food and drink but to Trisethni's surprise not the rejuvenation she needed. Indeed, the Hag Queen dosed her wine with a large dose of Dream-pine, easily enough to knock her out. [1e]

With Trisethni apparently unconscious, Belleth and the emissary from Hellebron discussed her fate, confirming that book from Greywater would be brought to Hellebron when Morathi's attention was elsewhere. When the emissary had departed, she went to the apparently slumbering assassin, but saying she wanted to explain....however Trisethni attacked her in a furious rage.[1e]

At first as they fought, Belleth remained defensive, trying to explain her cause but when this made no headway, she attacked, although still using the butt of her spear rather than the point, refraining from killing her several times. Trisethni however took advantage of another lull as the Hag Queen tried to reason with her and cut off one of her hands. Now equally enraged, Belleth transformed into her Medusa battle-form and stopped the younger aelf from draining the sacred goblet atop the later to Khaine, drinking it herself to gain more strength for the fight to come.[1e]

However she quickly realised that Trisethni had put the poisoned wine in the goblet, weakening the Hag Queen and in the ensuing battle Belleth was stabbed in the heart and died. [1e]


Hush, sister, hush. You are home and you are safe. You have done great things, Tris. There will be songs sung about your deeds in the Warrens once the details are known. You're safe.

~ Belleth to Trisethni.[1e]


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