Beasts of the Grave

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Beasts of the Grave
Terrorgheist 01.png
A Terrorgheist.
Grand alliance Death
Associated factions Soulblight Gravelords
Creatures Zombie Dragon

Beasts of the Grave are vast and terrible monsters that are kept alive by gales of dark magic.


The power of necromancy can animate the largest corpse of the most powerful monster and these terrible animated horrors plague the lands of the living and dead alike. Nagash, his necromancers and the more powerful vampires can bind these deathless dragons and terrorgheists to serve as deadly mounts or brutal attack bests.[1]

Zombie Dragons are dark unions of necromantic magic and draconic power, arisen from the many graveyards of their kind that can be found across the Mortal Realms. Where once they may have breathed fire, poisons or acid, now their breath turns everything living to desiccated husks. Terrorgheists were once a race of vast and ancient bat-like monsters, now extinct, that fed on truly gargantuan beasts of the Realms with their long fangs, now they are also armed with a banshee's howl that can ignore any physical defence and explode heads and hearts with its brutal sonic onslaught.[1]


Beasts of the Grave
Units Terrorgheist - Zombie Dragon
Characters Crypslough - Hoarfrost Helghaste Worm - Morbheg - Screeching Leviathan - Synork Spinebat

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