Battletome: Sylvaneth (2019)

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Battletome: Sylvaneth (2019)
Battletome Sylvaneth 2019 cover.jpg
Released July 13th, 2019
Pages 104
Preceded by Battletome: Sylvaneth (2016)
Followed by Battletome: Sylvaneth (2022)

Battletome: Sylvaneth (2019) is the second Battletome for the Sylvaneth faction for the 2nd Edition of Warhammer Age of Sigmar, and describes their history, background, and units.


The spirit-song rises, and the Sylvaneth march to war![1]

Unleash the verdant might of nature with Battletome: Sylvaneth – your guide to the eternal protectors of nature in the Mortal Realms. Inside this 104-page hardback book, you’ll discover the history of the Sylvaneth, forest spirits of terrifying power who would slay any who defile their homes. You’ll discover how Alarielle was resurrected, how the great Households of the Sylvaneth are structured, and how they differ from realm to realm.[1]

Meanwhile, a huge selection of rules gives you countless ways to play with your Sylaneth collection. Allegiance abilities reward you for fielding dedicated forces of Sylvaneth, while rules for several legendary factions allow you to tailor your army to suit your playstyle – from elite forces of Kurnoth Hunters to serried ranks of Dryads. Warscroll battalions reward you for fielding specific combinations of models, while Path to Glory warband creation rules and bespoke Sylvaneth missions are perfect for your first few games. This battletome is also a great resource for collectors, featuring tips for painting details like gleaming blades and realistic bark, as well as a showcase of beautifully painted Citadel miniatures to inspire your own collection.[1]


  • The Sylvaneth, pg. 4
  • Nature's Vengeance, pg. 44
    • Host of the Everqueen, pg. 56
    • Painting your Sylvaneth, pg. 58
  • Forces of the Sylvaneth, pg. 64
    • Allegiance Abilities, pg. 65
    • Battle Traits, pg. 65
    • Command Traits, pg. 66
    • Artefacts of Power, pg. 67
    • Spell Lores, pg. 69
    • Awakened Wyldwood, pg. 70
    • Oakenbrow, pg. 72
    • Gnarlroot, pg. 74
    • Heartwood, pg. 75
    • Ironbark, pg. 76
    • Winterleaf, pg. 77
    • Deadwood, pg. 78
    • Hearvestboon, pg. 79
    • Battleplan: Awaken the Groves, pg. 80
    • Path to Glory, pg. 82
    • Sylvaneth Warband tables, pg. 84
  • Warscrolls, pg. 86
  • Pitched Battle Profiles, pg. 104


All across the Mortal Realms, the Sylvaneth stirred. new life filled them. Shimmering life-motes lit the soulpod groves. The thrum of fierce joy and vengeful anger filled Alariells's children. They would be victims no more. Now, the Wyldwoods would be roused to wrath, the invaders be driven out and the lands cleansed of taint. Now, the Sylvaneth would rise again as all joined the song of war.

~ The Sylvaneth.[2]