Battletome: Flesh-Eater Courts (2016)

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Battletome: Flesh-Eater Courts (2016)
Battletome Flesh-Eater Courts 2016 Cover.jpg
Released May 7th, 2016
Pages 109
Followed by Battletome: Flesh-Eater Courts (2019)

Battletome: Flesh-Eater Courts (2016) is the debut Battletome for the Legions of Nagash faction for the 1st Edition of Warhamer Age of Sigmar, and describes their history, background, and units.


Hidden among the ruins of the Mortal Realms thrive the Flesh-Eater Courts. Trapped within a horrific delusion, convinced that their cannibalistic feasts are splendid and grandiose visions of nobility, these courts of madness are each presided over by a malevolent and predatory Abhorrant Ghoul King.[1]