Battle of Glossom

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Battle of Glossom
Era Era of the Beast
Location Vitae Deltas - Aqshy
Outcome Cities of Sigmar Victory
Kruleboyz driven away
Silverine Nexus settled
{{{3}}} Kruleboyz {{{3}}} Cities of Sigmar
Unknown {{{3}}} Tahlia Vedra

{{{3}}} Braithwaite (KIA)

Battle of Glossom was a battle fought between Dawnbringers of the Cities of Sigmar and the Kruleboyz in the Vitae Deltas of Aqshy. During the battle new defensive tactics developed by the then mercenary captain Tahlia Vedra allowed the Kruleboyz to be repelled and would lay the foundations of the tactic that would become known as the Castelite Formation. [1a]


Marshal Braithwaite a decorated veteran led a large expedition in search of the Silverine Nexus but when it reached the Vitae Deltas they faced a sprawling estuary where sulphurous quicksand began claiming many lives forcing the Crusaders to march four abreast. Then a massive flotilla of ramshackle bamboo rafts and pontoons manned by Kruleboyz Orruk appeared, ambushing the Crusaders at their moment of vulnerability. [1a]


The ambush caught the defenders off-guard and Braithwaite fell to a barbed harpoon forcing the mercenary captain Tahlia Vedra to take command, pushing back the Kruleboyz for a moment with a determined counter-assault before ordering the crusade's wagons, carts and pre-built palisades to be broken apart and repurposed into shields and palisades. Freeguild Handgunners were paired with Spearmen with the wooden shields of Spearmen doubling as rests for the Handgunner's firearms. Even cannons were unlimbered and defended with wooden barriers. When the next wave came the defenders were protected from the poisoned spears and projectiles of the Kruleboyz and when the Orruks retreated to reorganize the improvised fortifications were lifted and carried forward, planting them back when the grinning shields appeared from the mists.[1a]

The battle would continue on for weeks but the walking fortress ultimately managed to break the Kruleboyz. [1a]


The Crusade successfully settled the Silverine Nexus and the Acadamae Martial received the new tactic with much excitement dubbing it the Castelite Formation. Its proven and hypothetical benefits are debated even in Azyrheim where it was codified changing the strategy from building defences after reaching their goal to turning the entire Dawnbringer Crusade into a moving castle. With the approval of Azyrheim's Grand Conclave and Sigmar himself, the Vedra Reformation was dispatched to each City's Lord-General with Sigmar's seal. [1a]