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Bataari firesilk, or simply firesilk, is the fabled cloth upon which the Bataari built their empire in the Age of Myth.[2a] Firesilk is a lucrative business that often funds other industries, like mining operations in the Venal Peaks.[3a]

This fabric is harvested from the predatory flamespiders, who the Bataari have somehow managed to either tame or befriend, and is well-known for being warm in winter weather and cool in even the blistering heat of Aqshy[2a]

The fabric is in high demands all across the Mortal Realms, from the highest courts of Azyr to the lowest courts of Shyish. It can also hold a wide variety of colors.[2a]

The Bataari keep their tamed flamespiders in a region of the Flamespider Woad known as Silker's Ridge and occasionally bring in wild arachnids to diversify the livestock, this animal husbandry is done to improve the quality of firesilk produced. The people in charge of this production are known as firesilkers.[2a]

It has found an additional use as a widespread currency, especially in Great Parch cities such as Brightspear.[1a][1b]