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Barruscuna is a remote kingdom in the Mortal Realms that managed to avoid the corruption during the Age of Chaos through wards of stone and magic. While the lands around it had withered and poisoned by Chaos, Barruscu's broad hinterland of emerald farms and sapphire lakes remained unchanged. The skies lost their mad tints and the rain was still water not blood. The cities of the Barrus people remained peaceful under the cerulean domes of magic and behind the walls of white stone. [1]

During the Age of Chaos this kingdom was assailed for three hundred years by Gigante, 'The Giant One' in their language. After these three hundre years Khorne decreed that the kingdom should burn and granted Gigante the gifts to do so. A battery of daemonic cannons with brass mouths that shot fire and iron at the walls of this kingdom caused the masonry to crack and the dome to shimmer.[1]


  • Gigante is the translation of Giant in several latin languages(italian, spanish, portuguese), implying that this kingdom may be inspired in several Mediterranean nations.