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The Barazakdum is the oath taken by a Fyreslayer to become a Doomseeker.[1a]


In the ancient tongue of the duardin, Old Khazalid, the term means "doom-oath". [2a]


A Doomseeker does not speak of their reasons for taking the oath, but it is believed that common reasons are disgrace in battle, breaking a vow, atonement for a crime, unrequited love, or some other great failure.[1a][2a]

Once the oath is made, the new Doomseeker must craft their weapons before leaving their lodge to seek a worthy fate. If possible, a Doomseeker will light the brazier of their axe in their lodge's master forge before setting out on their final journey. They will then wander the realms until they find a worthy end - or die trying.[1a]