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Map showing the last known location of Barak-Zhoff.

Barak-Zhoff was, until it disappeared, one of the largest Sky-ports of the Kharadron Overlords, second only to Barak-Nar. [1a]


It vanished suddenly with expeditions by the other Sky-ports top its last known location finding no trace. [1a] Many skyfarers from the city found themselves without a home and settled in other Sky-ports. [1b] Following its disappearance, its seats on the Geldraad were re-distributed and Barak-Thryng was admitted in its place whilst they approached other races and nations searching for answers. [1a]

The Fyreslayers of the Realm of Aqshy were paid handsomely in ur-gold but could find nothing whilst although at first servants of Malerion offered to help, they suddenly changed and refused their assistance. The Sylvaneth turned them away, saying that the Everqueen could not help them. The emissaries sent to the Mortarchs did not return, and the representatives of Teclis and Tyrion claimed all would be revealed when fate decreed. [1a]

In the Age of Sigmar, the God-King was sympathetic, but declared it had gone beyond his sight. [1a]

Admiral Borri Kraglan discovered artefacts that might lead to the lost city and followed the trail to the ancient hold that had first built and launched it. [1]


The city had a population of tens of thousands. [1a]



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