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Barak-Nar 01.png
Barak-Nar from afar
Barak-Nar icon 01.png
Emblem of Barak-Nar
Aliases City of the First Sunrise[5f]
Type Sky-port
Associated factions Kharadron Overlords
Founding Age of Chaos
Status Active
Barak-Nar map 01.png
Location of Barak-Nar
Mortal Realm Chamon
Region Spiral Crux
Size Metropolis[5e]
Founder Bulwark Norgrimsson[1e]
Current Ruler(s) Prime Admiral Bran Torgsson[3b]
Major characters Brokk Grungsson
Horgrumm Brand
Motto Priffa dreng – Prosper or die[1]
Races Duardin
Languages Kharadrid
Beliefs Science over faith and superstition. Ancestor worship abandoned by most.[5f][3c]
Exports Cutting-edge science[5f]
Delegates on the Geldraad 6 (Steering Hand)[5a][5g]
Aether-gold Shares 296,132,947[5a]
Governing Body Admirals Council
Specialty Cutting-edge aethermatic inventions[5f]
Colours Regal purple and silver colours. Leaders tend to incorporate more gold in their armour than do those of lesser ranks. The Arkanauts wear overalls of regal purple underneath cold steel armour with gold flourishes.[6a][1f][1g]
Barak Nar Grundstok Thunderer 02.png
Barak-Nar C01.png

Barak-Nar, the City of the First Sunrise, is the pre-eminent sky-port of the Kharadron Overlords.[1]

This page contains spoilers for: Code of the Skies (novella)


Age of Chaos

Time of Reaving: Following the establishment of the Kharadron Code, the fleets of the city begin sweeping out to establish new cloud mines and to expand their frontiers. [1]

Bulwark Norgrimsson leads the fleets of the city to defeat the Waaagh of the Great Ghazbag, in the wake of that victory, Barak-Nar claims the Gleaming Banks. [1]

The wealth and power of the fleets of Barak-Nar ensure victory in the Hydrox Wars. [1]

Age of Sigmar

Njord Aethersson leads an ill-favoured raid on the Olwyr ogors which nearly ruins him, he liquidates all his remaining assets to assemble a new fleet and sacks the Great Anvrokian Dreadhold. The fleets of the city, commanded by Brokk Grungsson destroy Daemon hordes and break the siege of Barak-Zon. [1]

Following the Necroquake, forces from Barak-Nar aid the city of Lethis against the hordes of Nighthaunts commanded by the Mortarch of Grief but are unable to save it. [2a]

A force from the city led by Admiral Borri Kraglan attacks the Thrice-Forged Fastness and finds an ancient artefact which may steer the way to the lost Sky-port of Barak-Zhoff. Despite orders to the contrary, Kraglan leads a force in search of the city, breaking the siege of the Empyrean Bastion Stormkeep of the Sigmarite Brotherhood to claim the next clue. Finally, they locate the lost hold that launched the lost Sky-port but find it has been claimed and corrupted by Skaven, at a great cost they destroy the tainted fortress it launches, reuniting the two fleets of Brak-Nar. [3]



Barak-Nar sails the skies of the Realm of Chamon and in the Age of Sigmar can be found within the Gleaming Banks to the north of the Strait of Fangs and the Stormkeep of the Iron Tridents. [1b]


  • Admirals Chamber: The ante chamber is a huge circular room atop a high tower with windows to look down to the activity in the city below and which houses a museum with artefacts that track the history of the Sky-port. The Audience chamber at its centre has a spectacular frieze on the wall that encloses the chamber and also tells the story of the city.
    • Council Chamber: Beyond this, protected by aether-automated doors is the chamber. [3b]
  • Memorial of Triumph: The name of every privateer that returned home with treasure is inscribed upon it. [3f]


The City of the First Sunrise is the largest of the sky-ports and it is said that, with the potential exception of Azyrheim in High Azyr, no land city can hope to match its size.[3b] As such, it has the most delegates on the ruling council of the Kharadron Overlords, the Geldraad. They are renowned for their forward-thinking and bold initiatives – they were the first to move to establish trade with non-duardin and in doing so have established well-patrolled trade routes, guarded by Zonbeks.[1a]


They venerate Grimnir, Grungni and Valaya as ancestors of their race, but some go as far as to actually worship them, having shrines in their homes. [3c]

Foreign relations

The Fyreslayers of Karak-Krayt were once counted among Barak-Nar's allies, until the Grimnir worshippers betrayed them in exchange for ur-gold given to them by hated foes. The stone tablet, now cracked down the middle to signify the broken alliance, upon which the treaty was chiselled is kept within a museum found in the Barak-Nar's Admirals Chamber.[3b]

Power and Influence

Influence of Barak-Nar and Impact of the Garaktormun
Capital (aether-gold shares) Delegates on the Geldraad
Current capital[5a] Pre-Garaktormun capital[1c] loss Pourcentage lost Current Delegates [5a] Delegates Pre-Garaktormun[1c] loss
296,132,947 307,620,967 -11,488,020 -3.73% 6 7 -1

Notable People

Known Vessels



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