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Da Moon City formerly known as Barak-Khazzar is a former Sky-port of the Kharadron Overlords overrun by an alliance of Grotbag Scuttlers and Gloomspite Gitz.[1a]


Barak-Khazzar was a Sky-port of the Kharadron Overlords. The fall of the city began when a plunder fleet of the city descended on the Evermount in the Realm of Beasts. They converged on the ruins of their ancestral stronghold, Karak Kzaf, anchoring their airships to the eroded upper levels while boarding parties were sent down into the depths. Soon the Duardin were attacked by wave after wave of Grots, spiders and troggoths. While they attempt to flee the Gloomspite horde overtakes them and swarmed the fleet’s airships.[1a]

Several weeks later the lookouts on the docks of Barak-Khazzar cried a warning as the visage of the Bad Moon appeared in the sky and several dozen stolen Airships appeared from its galre to slam into the Sky-Port, their enslaved and tortured captains manacled to their steering apparatus. While long guns and aethermatic conductors down several of the airships, the rest manage to ram into Barak-Khazzar to disgorge a tide of greenskins and monsters. Spore-thick winds howl along the streets, seeding the city with corrupting fungi,while grots vanish into the pipes and conduits of the city. However the Duardin fight back with everything they have but all hope is lost when a second armada of Grotbag Scuttlers appear and the city is quickly overrun. Its conquerors rename it as "Da Moon City" and turns it into a Gloomspite enclave. [1a]


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