Baleful Lords

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Iconic representation of The Baleful Lords

The Baleful Lords are a Blood Legion comprised of the nightmarish champions of Khorne's endless wars in the Realm of Chaos. They are an elite daemon legion led by Bloodthirster generals who, through acts of particular brutality, have distinguished themselves in the Great Game. As a reward, the Blood God has granted them an oppurtunity to wreak havoc upon the Mortal Realms, and this they gladly do, carving bloody gouge across the realms and butchering mortal warriors by the thousand.[1a]

The black-armoured Baleful Lords pick only the most prestigious targets, descending upon them with terrifying swiftness and ripping them apart with axe, whip and claw. The very havoc they wreak seems to empower these greater daemons and their infernal footsoldiers, strengthening their connection to the physical realms and allowing them to manifest outside the Blood God’s domain for far longer than others of their kind. The sight of one Bloodthirster is enough to drive a man to madness – to face a pack of the creatures, competing against one another to commit the greatest feats of bloody slaughter, is enough to send even the most battle-hardened army fleeing in abject terror.[1a]


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