Azure Crown

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The Azure Crown.

The Azure Crown is a formation of floating rocks orbiting at the very centre of Griffon's Eyrie and circling the golden carcass of the Lode-Griffon. It is the location of the Sky-Rift and act as the the magical ground zero in Chamon.[1a][1b]


The Azure Crown is regarded as having one of the most abundant aether-gold deposit in the Spiral Crux. Its atmosphere is so utterly inimical to life that non-Tzaangors most use an Aethermatic Repulsion Field to avoid mutating to death.[1c]


Drak Grolsson fighting Ab-het to disrupt the magnomantic ritual in the Azure Crown.

Age of Myth

When the Lode-Griffon was slain by aetheric magic, great torrents of its blood were, upon contact with the air, transmuted into beads of pure clot-crystal suffused with a fraction of its divine magnetic aura.[1b]

Age of Sigmar

The Azure Crown is the battleground of the Aether War that opposed Drak Grolsson to Ab-het.[1c]


The Azure Crown is located at the very centre of the Spiral Crux.[1a]