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Awlrach the Drowner is a Nighthaunt boatman who dredges and ferries wayward souls to bolster the Nighthaunt Processions.[1]


Age of Sigmar

In life, the infamous Awlrach of Aspiria accepted Goodwater, a currency in the islands of this region, as payment for ferrying people in the ports of the Aspirides across the Ocean of Swords for a decade, swelling in might and height by imbibing the Goodwater he was given in payment. In truth, he was really just tossing his passengers in the sulphuric waters of the sea. When his duplicity was revealed an outraged mob subjected him to the same fate, though the burly boatman dragged a number of his assailants with him.[2a]

Death was not the end for the malevolent ferryman, however, as Nagash personally transformed him into a Nighthaunt boatman who dredges and ferries souls through the ethereal plane to wherever it will cast the most terror.[1][2a]


He uses a Deathwood Oar as both a tool of his trade and a weapon.[1]



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