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The Avengorii dynasty of Soulblight Vampires are found in the Sascathran Dunes in the Realm of Ghur[1] Warped in mind and body, the Avengorii are considered a clan of monsters and nightmares with savagery infamous even in the predatory lands of Ghur.[3a]


Avengorii vampires have long since abandoned even the pretence of humanity, entirely surrendering to the raging beast within and supped deeply upon powerful ending-magics. Alongside Vargheists and bloated corpse-monsters, these Gravelords give in to their unnatural impulses to feast upon gore and spread utter desolation. Unlike the Vyrkos, the Avengorii does not restrain their monstrous aspect and unlike other dynasties the majority are not generals, knights or connoisseurs but ravening abominations. [3a]

Even their abodes, deep beneath the dunes of the Sascathran Desert, are completely different from other Soulblight keeps. Under the amber sands are vast honeycomb chambers with gnarled fortresses that cling like stalactites to the cavern roofs built by an unknown civilization, now taken over by the Avengorii. Inside Vengorian Lords prowl the darkened corridors, while vaults serve as lairs for the zombified drakes and chiropteran horrors attracted to the aura of the Avengorii. While there is an undeniable similarity the Avengorii are different from the abhorrants of Ushoran and any comparison is considered deeply offensive by the Avengorii. The Avengorii are generally lucid and sane with the majority being well aware of their ghastly appearance and even make a show of revelling in this apparent disgust, although this could simply be a way of coping with the transformation they have wrought unto themselves. [3a]


The Avengorii are known for many strange rituals intended to feed their monstrous nature. Other vampires look upon these with bewilderment and disdain but the lords of the dynasty are too deranged, seeing their trials as holy acts they endure to achieve true communion with their so-called ‘curse’.[3a]

  • In mas’ranga an untransformed vampire, a despised underclass amongst the Avengorii is willingly bound in iron chains and suspended over a pool of boiling blood. The thirst for gore is stoked to such a frenzy that it rapidly accelerates their transmutation into a Vargheist. [3a]
  • In korak’hor a vampire must spend ten days and ten nights in isolated meditation before the Void Maw, a realmgate claimed to be linked to Nagashizzar situated within the greatest of the suspended fastnesses. The realmgate belches forth great waves of amethyst energy and after the tenth night when the chamber is unsealed most would have been reduced to dust but some succeed in ‘ascending’ as a Vengorian Lord. [3a]


Avengorii "armies" are little more than packs of bloated vampiric predators accompanied by towering beasts of the grave that fall upon the foe in an orgy of bloodthirst and violence. However, there are some Wight Kings that used to be proud nomad-chiefs of Sascathran Desert who consider it an honour to lead their Deathrattle hordes under the dynasty. Strategy is forever relegated to a secondary status with priority given to feeding their lust for bestial carnage. Lauka Vai, the Mother of Nightmares retains a sense of nobility despite her transformation and considers feasting upon the blood of defenceless mortals as being beneath true Soulblight warriors and instead directs her apostles towards the great beasts of Ghur and other, more worthy prey. While many Avengorii slip the leash, they have found foes in the rampaging hosts of Chaos and Destruction upon whom they may unleash their full fury.[3a]


Their Lords are both warriors and wizards, revelling in self-loathing. [2]

  • Lauka Vai: Undisputed commander of the clan, she retains an aspect of noble knighthood although her dark thirst forces her to slaughter. [2]


  • Avengorii: Av-en-gore-ee. [4a]
  • Lauka Vai: Lau-ka Vye (‘Lau’ to rhyme with ‘plough’). [4a]


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