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Aurochs are massive cattle cultivated in the heartlands of Ghur and the fens around the Azyrite city of Nordrath.[1a][2a]


Some variants of Auroch found in the Realm of Ghyran, such those used by the Dagolethi, grow to be around eight feet in height, from hoof to shoulder.[4a] In comparison the Nordrathi Auroch is described as a massive, shaggy beast fully three times the height of a Stormcast Eternal.[2a]

Subspecies and Breeds


The Auroch breeders of the Ghur heartlands often trade their steer to the Kharadron of the Spiral Crux, in exchange for metal.[1a] Within the Free Cities of the Great Parch an auroch is worth around eight-hundred drops of Aqua Ghyranis.[1a]


The Nordrathi breed of Auroch is a beast of burden, pulling massive supply trains. A team of drovers, three in number, would direct an Auroch from atop a wooden platform on their backs. Such beasts were used extensively during the recolonization and reconquest of Caddow, carrying the supplies of the elements of the Freeguild, Ironweld Arsenal, and Collegiate Arcane that aid in the reconquest.[2a]

At least one member of the Bullhearts of the Hallowed Knights wore an auroch hide with battle-oaths inscribed upon it.[2a]

The blood of aurochs can be mixed with sacred purple salts by members of the Collegiate Arcan] and used as paint to create wards. These wards were utilised during the reconquest of Caddow to keep the city's dead from escaping their catacombs.[2b]

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