Auriakh, the Father Rune of Binding

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Auriakh, the Father Rune of Binding is an ancient and legendary duardin rune of binding. If struck correctly, it allows the striker to take control of even the greatest elemental forces - including godbeasts.[1a]

While the rune was reliable during the Age of Myth, it became untrustworthy after Chaos came to the Mortal Realms and, after the disastrous Taming of Drakatoa, it had fallen into disuse. By the Realmgate Wars, the only duardin who continued to attempt to master it was the rogue Runesmiter Dorryc Claimblade, who sought to create a blashphemous counter-rune to free the solar drake Ignax.[1a]

When the Varanguard attacked the Land of the Chained Sun, Claimblade struck Auriakh in order to hammer it into Ignax's hide and take control of the godbeast. While the rune was placed into position at great cost and the land purged of the Chaos invaders, Archaon succeeded in using the Slayer of Kings to enslave Ignax and escaped with her.[1b]

Archaon placed the godbeast to guard the Brimfire Gate between Aqshy and the Allpoints.[2a] When the Stormcast Eternals and Fyreslayers attacked the gate, Dorryc Claimblade was among them, and he successfully used the rune to control the godbeast.[2b] Eventually, however, the rune failed and Ignax fled the battle, free for the first time since the Age of Myth.[2c]