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An Augury is a chunk of crystallized prophecy mined from the Spear of Mallus. These crystals are far larger and far more potent than the common Glimmering, those shards of prophecy used as currency in the Free City of Excelsis.[1a]


Auguries are appraised and catalogued by the Prophesiers' Guild of Excelsis. The most dangerous and powerful are handed over to the city's branch of the Collegiate Arcane, while key auguries deemed useful to the city are kept for future consultation. The rest are put up for auction at the Prophesiers' Guildhall, where they are sold for lucrative prices to the highest bidders.[1a]


Though Auguries come at a high cost there are many merchants, traders, hunters, and nobles willing to balance the cost of the crystals on their ledgers, as the potential profits are seen as worth the risk.[1a]