Auction of Blood (short story)

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Auction of Blood
Auction of Blood Cover.jpg
Author(s) Josh Reynolds
Cover Artist Neferata: Paul Dainton, City illustration: Bayard Wu
Released 2017
ISBN 978-1-78572-815-0
Followed by Spear of Shadows (novel)

Auction of Blood is a short story by Josh Reynolds. It describes how the bookseller and spy Palem Bok obtained Charu, the Soul-Lash – one of the infamous Eight Lamentations.[1]


Palem Bok is a humble collector of the arcane, a trader of sorts but a resourceful one. He has to be, for Bok is also a spy for the Queen of Mysteries, Neferata herself! Sent to an illicit auction in Greywater Fastness, his mission is the retrieval of an esoteric item for his vampiric mistress. But Bok soon finds that this seemingly simple task is far more dangerous than he bargained for.


This page contains spoilers for: Auction of Blood (short story)

In Greywater Fastness, an agent of Queen Neferata is tasked with acquiring an artefact from the renowned The Magpie’s Nest. However others are also searching for the artefact and they will kill to get it.[1]


You have no business save that which our lady allows you, bookseller. And you would do well to remember that. The charnel grounds are full of those who forgot that her desires superseded their own petty yearnings.

~A beggar woman to Palem Bok.[1]