Auction of Blood

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Auction of Blood
Date Circa year 100 of the Age of Sigmar
Location Greywater Fastness
Outcome Grand Alliance of Death's Victory.
Assorted Agents of Order Khorne Bloodbound Neferata's spy
N/A Kesh Pallen Bok
[1 battlemage, 2 Kharadron Overlords, several dozen civilians] [ Undetermined number of Bloodreavers] [1 operative]
[Several dozen dead civilians, 1 dead battlemage, several wounded. Total extermination of the incursion. None

The Auction of Blood was a skirmish amongst the forces of Khorne, an agent of Neferata, Pallen Bok, and the caught in agents of Order over the possession of the weapon Charu, the Soul-Lash.


Like its sisters, the Eight Lamentations, the Soul-Lash had laid dormant, hidden, since the time Khorne betrayed the other Chaos Gods. Now, with the Age of Sigmar, these weapons were re-surfacing again with Marrowcutter being the first to reaper. Charu would end up in the hands of the auctioneers of Magpie's Nest, in the Greywater Fastness and on the day of the sale, the forces clashed.

The Auction of Blood

As the item was shown to the public, infiltrated Bloodreavers under the leadership of Kesh sprung for the weapon. Chaos ensued in the room and the assorted individuals responded. The Kharadron overlords covered each other's back, the battlemage dealt with the attackers. Pallen Bok tried to get the weapon first, using sparingly his multi chambered pistol's ammo. Unfortunately he was too slow and the Khornates took the weapon for themselves.

Thankfully, the weapon was still dormant, barely capable of using its power. Using this and collaborating with the security agent Shayl, Pallen Bok and his newly found companion disabled the cultist just in time after shooting, blasting her head apart and finally stopping her after a further bit of fighting.


With Kesh finished, the Soul-Lash was secure in the hands of Pallen Bok. The weapon would quickly go to Neferata, scoring a victory for the forces of death, as a terrible weapon was added to the Grand Alliance's arsenal.