Ashes of Grimnir (short story)

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Ashes of Grimnir
Ashes of Grimnir cover.jpg
Author(s) Michael J Hollows
Released April 29, 2019
Pages 31

Ashes of Grimnir (short story) is a short story by Michael J Hollows.[1]


Runesmiter Thorrok of the Ealring Lodge has had a vision. A vision of the ancestor-god Grimnir, father of the Fyreslayers. And a vision of that long-lost hero from the Age of Myth can mean only one thing: ur-gold awaits... Thorrok and his comrades seek this mighty prize, believed to be the shattered remnants of Grimnir himself, cast across the Realms for his children to gather. But can they overcome the manifold dangers that stand between them and their goal?[1]


This story was printed in the following anthologies: