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Arva is the sixteen year old younger sister of Verda the Sworn, a formidable warrior in her own right and a member of the Untamed, a gathering of Chaos worshipping tribes in the Realm of Aqshy [1a]


She is part of a large family, before the attack on the Abattoir she had four other surviving sibling warriors as well as uncles and cousins: [1a]


In the Age of Sigmar Verda united the many Tzeentch worshipping tribes and crushed most of the Khorne worshipping invaders and their strongholds in the Arad Plains. She then marched upon their last stronghold the Abattoir ruled by Khrall and garrisoned by Blood Warriors [1] Verda then led her siblings (save Arva) into the stronghold, following the advice of her sanorach, Almius they fought their way through the gates but once they were within the sorcerer secretly closed them behind her, seeking to be the next champion of Tzeentch. [1b]

Arva was suspicious of Almius, who considered killing her or at least banishing from his halls but Leortas warned her against it. [1c] The chieftain stripped her of her finery and forced her to work at cleaning the hall but her near identical appearance to her sister was a constant reminder and she trained constantly when not working. [1d] In time Leortas’s frustration caused him to strike once too often and she retaliated, kicking and stabbing him – something forbidden outside a formal challenge. He had her dragged away and taken to the Fervour Tree – the greatest of the clinker trees - animate cones of volcanic rock. Sacrifices were made to them, chained to it and slowly impaled with shards of coal. [1d]

Whilst she waited for it to pierce her brain with its roots, Korvis the Seer-lord of the Sachalites visited her and she voiced her suspicions to him. He released her and took her with him to look into the nine fires. [1e] Together with her cousin, Haditha, Arva made her way to the Trial of choosing, having been told by the Seer-lord that the true champion would emerge from the glade of clinker trees. He was correct and she was the first to witness the return of the vengeful Vedra. [1f] As Vedra and Almius fought within the need fire, she then saw the legions of Blood-warriors advance upon them. [1g]

As first she thought they were all doomed but when her sister, the War Queen emerged from the need fire – she was at her side when the gathered legions knelt before her. [1h]


Take me with you. The warqueen was betrayed. To her death. I saw her die. And I mean to avenge her.

~ Arva to Korvis . [1e]


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