Armour of Mallus

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Armour of Mallus is a collective term for rare suits of armour crafted by smiths dedicated to the God-King of Azyr. These armours are made from pieces of Sigmarite fragments of Mallus that have been scattered across the Mortal Realms.[1a]


These rare suits of armour are well-known for their durability, as well as being heavily imbued with Azyrite temporal magic.[1a]

Magical Properties

When the wearer of a suit of this armour finds themselves in the heat of battle, the threads of their own fate and that of their opponent is revealed unto the wearer's mind's eye, revealing the past and future of both individuals to the mind's eye of the wearer, those sections where their fates intersect give off a bright glow. The wearer can use this to learn of their enemy's past, machinations, intent, and even their future.[1a]