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Arkanaut Company

Arkanaut Companies are the main infantry forces of the Kharadron Overlords. They are hardened lot and toughened both by battle and also the daily challenge of aeronautical life. They spend whole wind cycles at a time aboard their craft, crammed into tight quarters and even standing watch at high altitude can a duardin becomes wind-bitten even in their armour due to the strange metallic airs that drift far above the clouds of Chamon.[1a]

Recruitment and Training

While the earliest Kharadron ships were crewed by clans since the establishment of a meritocracy the system has changed. While becoming an Arkanaut carries its risks many Duardin are willing to take the risk in search of wealth. On the day of Brynruf, when the sun shines gold over Chamon the different Arkanaut Academies of every sky-port hold a six-day competition where only the highest achievers are allowed into the Arkanaut Academies, the training facilities where they are taught military drills and aeronautical skills. On Musterpress days, Captains arrive to observe the drills so they may choose to recruit new crew members by purchasing contracts. Those selected to join the Arkanaut Companies must go through any number of rites and rituals sacred to their new fleet, ship or both. Each recruit can only participate for three Musterpresses and if hey are not chosen they must instead settle for lesser positions such as in mining or fishing vessels or as dockworkers.[1a]


Arkanauts work long shifts scanning the horizon for foes or aether-gold. They must be ready for anything from packs of manticores to harkraken and enemy fleets ranging from those of rogue sky-ports to airborne grots that can be hiding inside clouds. When battle is on the ground they descend swiftly via a ships grav-ladders or suspension ropes to deploy rapidly into the fray. [1a]


Most are armed with pistols and cutting blades, allowing them to pepper the enemy with shots before engaging them at close quarters. A few carry heavier weaponry such as skypikes that adds to a company's close-combat prowess, an aethermatic volley gun lays down a blisteringly high rate of fire or the portable version of the ship-mounted skyhook is effective at bringing down large targets. Arkanaut Captians wield either an Aetherflare Pistol or a Volley Pistol.[1a]

The sky-suits of the Arkanaut Companies are made to allow the wielders to operate in high altitude and in the confines of toxic-metal clouds.[2a]




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