Aridian Ventures

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The Aridian Ventures are a series grand campaigns launched and overseen by the Grand Conclave of Hammerhal consisting of multiple Dawnbringer Crusades acting in concert to drive away the forces of Chaos from Aridian in the Great Parch and settle the lands. [1a][3a]


Age of Sigmar

The ventures managed to achieve major victories with General Zherman leading the advance to Sootstain Hills resulting in many Sigmarite Strongpoints being constructed while Duardin armoured columns marched into the Reaver Wastes demolishing many skinning camps of the Goretide before bringing Cogforts to establish new perimeters.[1a]

Constitute Dawnbringer Crusades


The success of the Aridian Ventures has done much to wash away the stain of more disastrous ventures such as the Onyx Crusade and those launched into the Bitter Cinder, which is still littered with the skulls of Dawners.[1a]