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Map of Aridian.

Aridian is a nation and region of the Great Parch continent in the Realm of Fire. It is bordered by the Searing Sea on the north and the Ocean of Tears on the west. On its land borders it has Capilaria and the Flamescar Plateau to the south, Golvaria to the west and an unnamed region to the east.[1a][3a]


Age of Myth

The wanderings of Sigmar brings order, culture, trade and life to the Great Parch. However, while the western regions of this super-continent thrive with trade, Aridian, amongst others, quickly falls back into atavism, mainly due to the frequency that they raise arms. These barbarian tribes come to worship Sigmar as a god of strength and self-sufficiency.[1b]

The various Aridian clans feel a fiery jealousy after Sigmar shows his favour for the Capillarians, which eventually escalates into border disputess and finally open war. Varrus Blackfist of the Direbrands tribe manages to broker a truce between both groups.[1b]

Following a legal dispute the Aridians are threatened with destruction by the Tithemasters from Bataar. They send their Spear-carrier, Athol Khul to raise an army from nearby tribes to face this new threat. Driven by dreams he eventually reaches a mountain where he makes a pact with Khorne in exchange for power to protect the Aridians.[3e][3g][h]

Age of Chaos

Athol, now Korghos, Khul arrives at the Red Feast seeking allies. He gradually fights his way to the top in doing so opens the path to allow the forces of Chaos access to the Realm. The tribes of Aridian and other regions are forced to battle the invading Daemons of Khorne. Many of these tribes turn to worship of the red gods to survive the slaughter or sate their savage lusts, most notably, Korghos Khul's tribespeople turn to the worship of Khorne and name themselves the Goretide.[1b][3j][3k]

The Agloraxi in Ahramentia use the Primatikon to erase an army of Daemons of Khorne, greatly offending their god who promptly manifests a giant red fist that fells their floating island into the arid lands of Aridian below. Because of the fall of the Agloraxi and their magical constructs, Selpher Zaronax rises to prominence.[1b]


Some of the known locations on this region are:

Of it's coasts one can find the following isles:

Settlements and Nations


Aridian is ruled by a line of hereditary Prophet-Monarchs. They are given this power by their nature of possessing a scrying stone which they use to guide their people across the deserts.[3a][3f]


Aridian is centered around a single tent city that can be moved at any time as needed by giant Whitehorn either in search of water, herds, or safety from the wind. The city itself centers around the tent of the Prophet-Monarch and proximity to this tent roughly corresponds to status in Ardian, while tent size and owner's influence corresponds to family size and number of menials. This configuration is changed every time the city moves with those who come first to the new city site able to pitch their tent closest to the Prophet-Monarch.[3c]



The wealth of Aridian is primarily held in its Whitehorn which the Aridians herd and sell the meat, hides, and fermented milk of.[3a][3b][3d]