Argol Brightfist

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Argol Brightfist is a Mega-Gargant who lives in once-majestic mesa of Carcass Donse in the Realm of Ghur. [1a]


A titanic Mega-Gargant wrapped in brilliantly coloured rags. [1a]


A group of lost travellers was saved from a tribe of Chaos Marauders by him on the Coast of Tusks, after he had finished stomping the followers of the Dark Gods very, very flat, he waved at the astonished travellers and introduced himself as Argol Brightfist. [1a]

The Grand Conclave of Excelsis is now seeking agents to enter the strange lands of the continent and see if would be willing to join the defenders of the city. [1a]


My home, Donse, that way, little’un city with the clever glowy rock that way

~ Argol Brightfist.[1a]