Argental Gate

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The Argental Gate is a realmgate between the Realm of Ulgu and the Realm of Aqshy.[1a]

On the Ulgu side it is used and guarded by the Eluathi coven of the Daughters of Khaine. [1a]


A towering fountain of fire issuing from a rift in the barren grey rock of a scorched plateau. [1a]


It appears as a stillness in the mists of the realm surrounded by a vicious cold that bleeds out the warmth of the living. The Eluathi have built a huge frame of silver and iron around it, decorated with images of Khaine and blades and whose shape is strangely angled with its inner rim is subtly deformed. [1a]

Drawing close, a traveller feels its uncanny magnetism pulling at them, body and soul whilst entering the portal they are swamped by intense cold and a howling black wind until they reach the other side. [1a]