Ardassi Syln

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Ardassi Syln is a greybeard renowned among the Duardin mercenary circles of the Mortal Realms as a sapper, the price for his services are said to be lofty enough to give even Arkanaut Admirals pause.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

Ardassi Syln was one of twenty-eight members of Borgni Daltheim's ill-fated expedition to Karak Thorga in the Realm of Shyish. He was one of at least a dozen members captured by the Ghouls of King Osgek's court.[1a] Was latter freed by the efforts of Justec Aranthine the Thirty-First, Rat-Tail, and a prospector named Rigo, a guise of Grombrindal.[2a] The latter of whom convinced Syln to abandon the expedtion.[3a]


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