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Ardaneth is an Sylvaneth branchwraith,


Once the priestess of the Arkenwood, she now accompanies the Spirit of Druthu Shaddock who is all that remains of her forest home.[1]

During the Age of Chaos she led the remaining forest folk of the wood as it was slowly poisoned and infected by the forces of Nurgle, she also protected and hid the sleeping Spirit of Durthu, Shaddock only seeking to awaken him when Alarielle had been reborn and he already stired. When he destroyed the primary source of the infection, she hoped to revive the forest but it was too late and she was forced to abandon it and follow the questing Shaddock. [1]

She and her folk were able to in turn save him and take him to the safety of Draconite Glade, although she was forced to remove his infected arm. Then they journeyed together and fought at the siege of the Forest of Aspengard - the whole area a battlefield between the Sylvaneth and the followers of Nurgle. As the battle raged on, the fabled Skyforests of Jynnt arrived and rescued the beleaguered Sylvaneth. [1]


We found you, mighty ancient. Now know the peace of a realm thought lost. Once you awoke to deliver us from a plague. Sleep again, Great Shaddock, and let us save you.....

~Ardaneth to Shaddock Roggen.[1]


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