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An Arch-Warlock.

Arch-Warlocks are the powerful armour-clad masters of the Clans Skryre. Being the greatest skaven in the hierarchy of Clans Skryre, they have risen to the top through politics, devastating use of power, sheer cunning and outright assassination. The smaller clans of Skryre may be controlled by a single individual, but the large clans are often led by mastercovens that consist of many Arch-Warlocks.[1e]


Arch-Warlocks prefer to lead Skryre formations known as Warpcog Convocations from the back, unleashing all warp-power of their weapons against the foe.[1d][1e]


Arch-Warlocks are Wizards and know the Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and Warp Lightning Storm spells which they can boost (although it is risky) with Warp-power Accumulators, hanging on their backs. [1g][6a]


Clad in intricate brass power-armour that protects against bullets and blades, all Arch-Warlocks have an entire arsenal of Warpstone-powered weapons from Warpfire Gauntlets to Stormcage Halberds and Piston Claws. The Stormcage Halberd's generator can be overloaded, but sometimes it makes things worse for the Arch-Warlock himself, while Warpfire Gauntlet, built into customised iron frame, is an emergency weapon and, as the name implies, can spit warpfire at the foe.[1g][4][6a]




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