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An Arch-Revenant.

Arch-Revenants are hot-sapped, martial heroes created by Alarielle to battle the undead invasions of the Soul Wars. They are deadly warriors, skilled scouts and spies as well as capable war leaders. Alarielle also made a pact with the Spitemonarch to provide them with insectile creatures known as zephyrspites that cling to their backs allowing them to fly across the battlefield.[1a][1b]

They are charged by Alarielle herself with travelling the realms, rousing the enclaves and spurring the clans to war. Enemies that are too strong to be defeated militarily are undermined using their cunning and they will accomplish their goal regardless of its magnitude. They are accompanied by spites, Dryads and Kurnoth Hunters who aid them in their surveillance and when they enter battle they have all the information that could be collected. They can also leap from one spirit path to the next allowing them to close the distance to their enemies with blistering speed. Thus the Free Spirits repeatedly strike the most vulnerable elements of the enemy force, picking it apart one swift assault at a time before finally swooping in to deliver the killing blow. [1b]

However many conservative glades and clans have a hard time integrating Arch-Revenants. Their lack of respect for the traditional structures, freely moving through Sylvaneth's established territorial boundaries and the worship of Kurnoth all affect this but most unsettling is the effect the Arch-Revenants have upon the spirit-song, which swells with wrathful overtones in the mere presence of one of these warriors causing even the most sombre forest spirits to be stirred into belligerence when in close proximity to one of these Free Spirits.[1b]

They are armed with elegant glaives that can slice through armour with ease, while their crescent-shaped shields can be used defensively or to help guide their strikes. Even their zephyrspites are lethal and possess wicked tail pincers capable of severing heads and limbs.[1b]



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