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An Arcanabulum as seen from above, having emerged from the ground.

An Arcanabulum is a strange collection of cogs and gears that can be dug out of the ground by hard work. Alternatively, the mysterious workings of its arcane machinery can cause it to rise out of the ground of its own accord.[1][2]


Most Arcanabulums have three large assemblies of gears, one of which looks like as an astrolabe, adorned with various symbols.[1]


The distortion of reality caused by the spinning of its great gears can cause all manner of sorcerous effects. Effects include:[2]

  • Speeding up or slowing down time;[2]
  • Absorbing or emitting vast amounts of arcane energy;[2]
  • Cursing or blessing those around it; and[2]
  • Attracting or repelling monsters.[2]