Arad Plains

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The Arad Plains is a region in the Realm of Aqshy. [1]

It lies to the south of the Great Parch covering about eight hundred square miles with a mixture of farmland and primitive strongholds. [1a]


During the Age of Chaos, Darkoath tribes that worshipped Tzeentch entered from the Great Parch and conquered the area, however they in turn were crushed by invading warriors of Khorne. [1b]

In the Age of Sigmar the Darkoath Queen Verda the Sworn united the tribes and crushed most of the invaders and their strongholds. [1b]


  • The Abattoir: A powerful stronghold of Khorne ruled by Khrall and garrisoned by Blood Warriors. A powerful fortress with a series of circular walls all linked by a single walkway to the inner keep. [1b] It resembled a claw with eight talons – each being a long curved tower cloaked in skulls and streaming crimson light from its arrow-slits. Its gates are vast made of huge slabs of brass and copper. [1c]
  • Cruicible Mound: Nine sacred mounds that can be found on the plains, steep side with a bowl shaped depression at the top. [1a]
  • Scornwood Holt. [1a]
  • Sickle Keep: Built at the heart of the plains, [1a] Verda’s personal stronghold had stone walls centred around a fortified tower. [1c]