Aqshian Stake

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Aqshian Stakes are potent tools against the forces of Death. As the name implies they are elongated stakes carved from Aqshian Flamewood or Aqshian Fyrewood[1][2a][Fn]


Aqshian Stakes are one of the many weapons employed by the Witch Hunters of the Order of Azyr in their eternal crusade against the enemies of Sigmar.[1][4a]

Some meembers of the Glymmsmen, the premier Freeguild of Glymmsforge, carry Aqshian Stakes made of flamewood, to use against the undead that endlessly accost their city.[2a]


When it pierces the flesh of undead creatures the stake bursts into flames. They are also known to be effective weapons when used against daemons and wizards.[1]