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Angaria is a nation in the Realm of Shyish that lies to the East of Neferatia in the Prime Innerlands. [1a]


The land was conquered by a Daemon Prince of Khorne, Graunos who had raged across his home Realm of Hysh, destroying his birth city of Lykerna as part of his ascent to daemonhood. Following the defeat of Lord Ruhok and offended by Neferata's title of Mortarch of Blood, he was dispatched to Shyish to make war upon her. He conquered the land of Angaria to use as a base and transformed it from a land where the dead ruled to a hive of bloody industry. [1a]

He ensured that the mortal population had grown for to feed the insatiable hunger of the Blood God, he required a great army and industry beyond that the lands and cities of Angaria had ever seen. Tombs had been breached, vaults plundered, graves turned into primitive forges and molten iron ran down the gutters of the streets of the cities. Although life in Angaria became savage and often brief, Graunos did not permit unbridled riot within his domain for whilst anger ruled this prince of Chaos enforced a from of brutal order in the service of the greater victory of the Skull God. [1a]

Graunos’ empire was created and maintained with violence, murder and rage but it was one that could sustain itself as he created a power base that was stable enough to grow, drawing more and more of Shyish into the bloody embrace of the Skull God. The Daemon Prince understood that armies that supplied themselves solely through plunder were short lived, rather he saw that savage competition, vicious trading were also a kind of tribute to the Blood God.[1a]


  • Mausolea: A great city with avenues of monuments and vast sepulchres that were grander and more numerous than the streets of the living - many were destoryed or adapted to serve Lord Graunos when he conquered it. [1a]
  • The Sentinel of the Shroud: A vast vertically edged mountain that slowly turns on its base, nothing was built upon it until the arrival of Graunos, but the city of Mausolea lies in its shadow. [1a]
    • Skulldagger Bastion: a vast skull shaped fortress built by Graunos within the granite hood that forms the sumit of the mountain. It projects a blood red beam of light that creates a scorched perimeter around Mausolea as the mountain turns. [1a]