Androcus Beetle

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Androcus Beetles are large and docile beetles native to the Realm of Ghyran.[1a][2a]


These large, docile beetles are known for having powerful, glittering wings.[1a][2a]


Androcus Beetles can be found in the Jade Kingdom of Verdia, especially in Hammerhal Ghyra where domesticated beetles are used as beasts of burden.[2a]


These beetles are used as beasts of burden within the Twin-Tailed City of Hammerhal. They are used extensively in the farming strata of Hammerhal Ghyra, where they are more common than carthorses, and are used to transport goods and people to the Drift-isles above the city. They are also used to transport goods to markets on both sides of the Stormrift Realmgate.[1a]