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Anacrucia is a Keeper of Secrets known as the Symphony of Torment.[1a]


Early in the Age of Sigmar, Anacrucia was drawn to the excessive greed of the merchant Khelorastius van Bardo, the so-called Meat Miser of Odrenn. Appearing before van Bardo as a wandering mortal seer, Anacrucia convinces him that his herds are starving and sickly and offers an alchemical treatment to make them strong again. Never one to turn down a possible advantage over his rivals, van Bardo gladly accepts the treatment, even imbibing some of it himself, and distributes it to the other members of his dynasty. On the next new moon, both men and beasts are turned to hideous hybrids as Anacrucia's curse takes effect. The Keeper of Secrets leads this new herd of beastmen on a rampage across Odrenn.[1a]


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